Social Distancing

“Politicians appear to implement lockdowns as a response to social-distancing behaviors in their areas, rather than as drivers of those behaviors.”

"Is it possible that while lockdowns do not influence the timing of social distancing, they do influence its scale? There is actually some evidence of this. While issuing a lockdown probably doesn’t initiate social distancing, it might make social distancing a bit more aggressive. The figure below shows how social distancing has proceeded since March 11 in states with and without shelter-in-place orders (SIPs)." - The Public Discourse 

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How To Make the Most of Lockdown (Tips from Christians in Italy)

" of America and swaths of Europe have already seen significant lockdown measures put into place. To learn how to do this well, and to prepare as much as possible, I wrote to everyone I could think of in Italy to ask them for tips." - Challies

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