Beware! A Call to More Sincere Worship

On the last week of His incarnate life, Jesus spent a lot of time in the temple. On one occasion, He taught a bit about His identity. Who is the Messiah? Is He just a guy descended from David (Mk 12:35)? He quoted Psalm 110:1, then asked:

David himself calls him Lord. So how is he his son?” And the great throng heard him gladly (Mk 12:36-37).

Jesus wants to know, “who is this second Lord!?” After all, He’s got to be more than just David’s descendant, right? David calls him “lord,” which is a title of worship. In David’s psalm, this “lord” sits next to Yahweh, in the place of equal honor and status. He’s God’s King. He’s God’s priest; not even descended from Aaron. Together, this “lord” and Yahweh will fight and destroy all enemies one day.

Jesus wants people to stop and think, “the Messiah is more than just a man – He’s God, too! … He’s gotta to be more than a guy descended from David!” Jesus wants us to stop and think the same thing.

How should this reality impact the attitude we bring to worship; not just on Sunday, but every day?

Christians who are heirs and offspring of the Reformed(ish) Protestant tradition, like Regular Baptists, should have a “Big God” view of worship. They have a “Big God” view of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This means:

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How Augustine Wrote So Many Books

"Even a book that feels as intimate as Confessions was spoken to several of the many scribes Augustine kept busy. That was the normal practice in antiquity. Even in prison, Saint Paul had a scribe on hand. Even when living as a hermit, Saint Jerome had teams of scribes. The population of ancient scribes was a vast one." - How Augustine Wrote So Many Books

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