Derek Chauvin guilty, but riots will hurt Minneapolis for generations

"The pre-Chauvin trial/Daunte Wright riots threaten justice longer-term, as well: They discourage anyone from joining the police force. Some 200 officers have quit the Minneapolis Police Department or taken extended leave due to last year’s BLM riots. Who wants a modest-paying, potentially deadly job where you are regularly accused of genocidally 'hunting' black people?" - Acton

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Poll: “Americans' trust in the Black Lives Matter movement has fallen and their faith in local law enforcement has risen”

"Last June, 60% in a USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll described Floyd's death as murder; that percentage has now dropped by double digits to 36%." - USA Today

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Justice Department: No evidence of antifa involvement in Capitol riot

"...a prosecutor with the Department of Justice, Ken Kohl, said in a call with reporters Friday that the agency had 'no indication' that antifa had any role in the violence. An assistant FBI director said the same. Federal authorities have instead identified and charged several Republicans and longtime Trump rallygoers who in most cases broadcast their actions themselves."  - WORLD

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What do George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant. Father Junipero Serra, and Christopher Columbus have in common?

"None was a Confederate general. And all have had their statues torn down by mobs in the last few days, or, in the case of Roosevelt, had New York's Museum of Natural History announce that a Roosevelt statue at the museum's entrance will soon be removed." - Byron York

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