Pentagon Approves Deployment of 700 National Guard Troops to D.C. ahead of Expected ‘Freedom Convoy’

"Meanwhile, Pennsylvania truck driver Bob Bolus says he is leading a U.S. 'Freedom Convoy' of trucks from Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C., as soon as today with the goal of gridlocking the Capitol Beltway to protest vaccine mandates and Covid-19-related restrictions" - National Review

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“Another highly problematic moral principle is that we should refuse to do something merely because the government orders us to do it.”

"The Biblical world-view is not that of the rebel. Jesus says to carry the pack two miles when compelled to carry it one mile. This is a reference to the Roman law that required occupied peoples to carry packs for a mile for Roman soldiers." - CPost

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Musings on Commandments and Freedom: “Freedom is enjoying what we were designed to do.”

"We live within a society (and sometimes even attend churches) that views law as intrinsically negative. Commands equal negative restrictions. ... But, a proper distinction between the law and grace does not conclude that the law is negative – only that it is insufficient to save us." - Zach Dietrich

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Government Regulations and the Gathering of the Church

"The conclusion of a syllogism cannot be valid if either premise is false. In this case, I think there is good reason to doubt both premises. To demonstrate that, I want to begin with the second premise, with plans to address the first premise in a future post." - Ben Edwards

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Canadian pastor arrested for holding outdoor service after church was seized by authorities

"Tim Stephens, who serves as pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta, was arrested Monday after refusing to abide by the order from Alberta Health Services to refrain from holding worship services that don't comply with the provincial COVID-19 rules." - C.Post

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Louisiana Pastor seeks revival of suit challenging virus restrictions

"Tony Spell repeatedly flouted the public health restrictions at his Life Tabernacle Church in the Baton Rouge suburb of Central, and he faces six state criminal counts as a result....Lawyers for Spell also are appealing Jackson’s ruling that Spell is not entitled to damages. Spell’s attorneys include Roy Moore, a former Alabama judge and failed U.S. Senate candidate." - RNS

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“God does not pit obedience to Himself against obedience to civil magistrates here.”

"We are most certainly to obey God, but as Romans 13 indicates, one of the ways we obey God is to obey those God Himself has sovereignly and providentially put in authority over us. This includes civil magistrates. Even those we don’t like. Even pagan Roman emperors. Elsewhere, Paul tells Titus: “Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient” (Titus 3:1)." - Keith Mathison

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