Racial Issues

SBC seminary presidents reaffirm 'Baptist Faith and Message.' declare critical race theory incompatible

"In recognition of the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, the Council of Seminary Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention has reaffirmed 'with eagerness' the BFM’s status 'as the doctrinal statement that unites and defines Southern Baptist cooperation and establishes the confessional unity of our Convention.'" - BPNews

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Systemic Racism: “How can we be innocent when guilt is embedded into our history?”

"How can we wash our hands of the rotten fruit still being harvested while we enjoy the gain and spoils accumulated via the efforts of a program of dehumanization that is generational in its span? Time has ontological weight and events in our nation’s time hang guiltily around our collective neck." - John Ellis

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1619 Reconsidered

"The New York Times has quietly backed off of its claim that August, 1619, when the first slaves were brought to Virginia–not July 4, 1776–is America’s "true founding'....Historians savaged the project, showing that these claims are simply untrue.  Liberal historians joined conservative historians in debunking the project.  It turns out, the New York Times ignored the report of its own fact-checker!" - Veith

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As In Heaven: A New Podcast on Christian Conversations on Race and Justice

"...this upcoming season allows us to hear from many Black voices, including, among others, Sheila Wise Rowe (speaker, author, and artist), Isaac Adams (assistant pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.), Daryll Williamson (lead pastor at Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa and member of TGC’s leadership council), and Dr. Christina Edmondson (author, speaker, and educator).

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Dueling Anti-Racisms: Two Views on Promoting Racial Justice in Twenty-First Century America

"Everyone who opposes racism agrees that people of all races are equal in virtue of their common humanity and deserving of equal respect and dignified treatment. They are also agreed that for much of our history, the dominant white population of the U.S. violated this fundamental truth.... But opponents of racism disagree about how that fact relates to contemporary racial disparities and how best to promote racial justice in the twenty-first century." - Public Discourse

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More So. Baptists embracing alternate ‘Great Commission Baptists’ name in wake of racial unrest

"The alternate name, which was approved for use by SBC messengers in 2012 'as one fully in keeping with our Southern Baptist Convention identity,' has been drawing a lot of interest from church leaders around the country in recent weeks" - CPost

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On the Use and Abuse of Critical Race Theory in American Christianity

"...as practiced, it quite often creates a virtual irrebuttable starting presumption that 'existing power structures' can be accurately analyzed primarily (or sometimes exclusively) through the prism of race. The end result, ironically enough, is both reductive and complex." - The Dispatch

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Why Race Relations Don’t Improve

We might have every reason to expect, given the extraordinary attention directed to this issue, that race relations would be improving in America. But instead, they seem to be getting worse. Why are race relations not improving?

Because Some Ignore Genuine Progress

As recently as World War II, the American military was largely segregated. Most units were White with some reserved for Blacks. Black Americans fought heroically for their country, many laying down their lives in defense of the United States. It seems incredible today that those who served with valor could be denied equal treatment with others who fought for the same cause. This is so clearly wrong, that younger Americans may be surprised to learn that such inequality ever existed. It did then, but no longer. Thankfully, such policies are not allowed in today’s America. Genuine progress has occurred.

It’s no secret that not too many decades ago, Blacks were forced to sit at the back of the bus and denied entrance into many restaurants and other places of business, but no longer, because significant progress has been made.

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