Why white supremacists and QAnon enthusiasts are obsessed – but very wrong – about the Byzantine Empire

"No matter the provenance of the recent interest in Byzantium from America’s white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, one thing is clear: It is based on a very warped idea of the Byzantine Empire that has emerged out of the empire’s fraught place in our histories, caught between ancient and medieval, spirituality and bureaucracy." - The Conversation

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Survey: More than a quarter of white evangelicals believe core QAnon conspiracy theory

"There was also significant support among white evangelicals for the claim that members of antifa, or anti-fascist activists, were ‘mostly responsible’ for the attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to the survey conducted by the conservative American Enterprise Institute." - RNS

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Russel Moore: How Do I Talk to People Who Fall for Conspiracy Theories?

"I’ve been asked this question more times and by more people than I can count over the past several weeks. ...First of all, realize that the wisdom is true that one cannot reason someone out of something one was never reasoned into in the first place. ...There is no easy step-by-step argument to pull someone out of a Facebook echo chamber. Even so, here are some suggestions." - Russel Moore

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Waking Up After QAnon: How Can the Church Respond?

"As QAnon and other conspiracy theories begin to lose traction, pastors and church leaders face a decision. We can pretend that conspiracy theories were never really a threat to our congregation and simply move on unchanged.... Or, we can engage our people refocusing their attention back to the gospel and learn how we need to disciple better." - Stetzer & McDonald

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What is QAnon? Why is it popular and dangerous? And how can Christians respond?

"On October 28, 2017, a new user calling himself Q posted on a right-wing site favored by white supremacists called 4chan. Q predicted that Hillary Clinton would be arrested and massive riots would break out nationally on October 30, 2017. When the day came and went without fulfilling Q’s predictions, adherents concluded that the cabal interfered." - Denison

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