Review of Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing - Can Social Media Foster Persuasion (Not Polarization)?

"People who regularly listened to the opposite opinions did not adjust their views and become more balanced or moderate because for many people social media have become places where they are curating a self. And therefore they see opposing views as attacks on their identity" - TGC

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Direction from James Madison

"I was struck by how well [The Federalist No. 10] anticipated and addressed issues and problems we are having to deal with today:  polarization, conflicting ideologies, political involvement of religion, diversity. And his insights also have application to smaller questions, such as whether a president can pardon himself." - Cranach

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“...it’s hard to have a nation or a rule of law or a culture when the major factions do not recognize each other’s legitimacy”

"Will our election perpetuate and even intensify our divisions–with Republicans claiming Democrats stole the election, just as Democrats claimed that Republicans stole the election in 2016, with a 'Resistance' this time of the right–or might it usher in a new national mood that is tired of the constant conflict?" - Veith

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“...extreme voices and institutions have an outsized influence on our discourse and political focus.”

"...our citizens are not impressed or happy with either party to the point that relatively small numbers of Americans believe that either party’s policies are moving the country in the right direction." - The Dispatch

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How Not to Have a Civil War, Part 1: Introduction

"Anybody currently over the age of 40 knows that every election since 1992 has been 'the most important election of our lifetime.' Even so, it feels like this year is extraordinary. There’s been fighting in the streets that reminds us old-timers of 1968, combined with a general sense of being on edge due to all the coronavirus issues. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that with social media, now every nitwit can be a publisher, with no editorial constraints..." - Dan Olinger

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“The biggest advantage of extremism is that it makes you feel good because it provides you with enemies.”

"The biggest advantage of extremism is that it makes you feel good because it provides you with enemies. Let me explain: the great thing about having enemies is that you can pretend that all the badness in the whole world is in your enemies and all the goodness in the whole world is in you. Attractive isn't it?" - People of the Lie

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Polarization study: both sides “feel that the other side dislikes them nearly twice as much as they actually do.”

"The most 'informed' Americans are leading us astray. They’re the individuals most in the grips of the spiritual law outlined in Matthew 7. As they harshly judge the hatefulness of their political opponents, they are receiving the same judgment in return." - David French

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