We are a fractured nation, but there is still hope

"The Founders worried about 'factionalism' becoming tyranny, but thought the nation so large and scattered that it would be impossible for the 'like-minded' to come together for evil ends. But modern social and mass media have helped turn citizens into mobs determined to destroy their political enemies. Do we have anything in common anymore?" - Acton

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Pew: Americans see stronger societal conflicts than people in other advanced economies

"The United States stands out among 17 advanced economies as one of the most conflicted when it comes to questions of social unity. A large majority of Americans say there are strong political and strong racial and ethnic conflicts in the U.S. and that most people disagree on basic facts." - Pew

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Review of Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing - Can Social Media Foster Persuasion (Not Polarization)?

"People who regularly listened to the opposite opinions did not adjust their views and become more balanced or moderate because for many people social media have become places where they are curating a self. And therefore they see opposing views as attacks on their identity" - TGC

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Direction from James Madison

"I was struck by how well [The Federalist No. 10] anticipated and addressed issues and problems we are having to deal with today:  polarization, conflicting ideologies, political involvement of religion, diversity. And his insights also have application to smaller questions, such as whether a president can pardon himself." - Cranach

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“...it’s hard to have a nation or a rule of law or a culture when the major factions do not recognize each other’s legitimacy”

"Will our election perpetuate and even intensify our divisions–with Republicans claiming Democrats stole the election, just as Democrats claimed that Republicans stole the election in 2016, with a 'Resistance' this time of the right–or might it usher in a new national mood that is tired of the constant conflict?" - Veith

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“...extreme voices and institutions have an outsized influence on our discourse and political focus.”

"...our citizens are not impressed or happy with either party to the point that relatively small numbers of Americans believe that either party’s policies are moving the country in the right direction." - The Dispatch

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