Online Worship

Bringing Common Sense to the Online-Worship Debate

"While online worship allows us to truly worship the living God, it ruptures our common sense [input from the five senses] in a way that doesn’t happen with in-person worship .... This is not to deny the real value of online worship... however, it does offer us a way to understand how it differs from in-person worship." - TGC

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Barna: What Churchgoers Missed Most About In-Person Services

"This year, the majority of pastors (80%) [are] excited to celebrate Easter with congregants inside their church buildings with COVID-19 precautions in place. Another one in five (22%) [are] meeting outdoors to accommodate social distancing during the worship service." - Barna

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91% of churchgoers plan to return to in-person worship services after the pandemic

"A study of 1,000 Protestant churchgoers in the U.S. from Lifeway Research found, when COVID-19 is no longer an active threat to people’s health, 91 percent plan to attend in-person worship services at least as often as they did before the coronavirus pandemic. That includes almost a quarter (23 percent) who plan to attend more than they did previously." - LifeWay

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Why It Feels So Disappointing to Sing to the Lord a Remote Song

"I sometimes enjoy the conveniences of our new Sunday morning routine, but there are pangs of sadness every week when my daughter hears music, turns to the screen, and almost immediately loses interest. I recall how engaged she was in the sounds, sights, and vibrations of congregational worship during the 'before times.'" - C.Today

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Barna: Online Prayer May Now Be Key to Building Faith

"In the new journal Five Questions Every Church Leader Should Ask About Digital Prayer, Barna, partnering with Alpha, reveals that more than two-thirds (68 percent) of Christians express openness to participating in prayer time during online worship. Yet only 28 percent report actually being involved with a digital prayer service during the pandemic" - C.Leaders

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