In Awe of God’s Omnipresence (Part 3)

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Will the Holy Spirit Leave During the Tribulation?

Sometimes 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 is used to teach that the Holy Spirit will be removed from the world before the tribulation begins. But how can this be true in light of the doctrine of omnipresence?


In Awe of God’s Omnipresence (Part 1)

Orthodox Christians have confessed throughout the centuries of church history that God exists eternally in three co-equal Persons—each possessing one glorious nature, essence, substance, being or “form” (Phil. 2:6). Each of the three, while distinct from the other two, fully possesses all of the attributes (sometimes called perfections) of the “Godhead” (Rom. 1:20).


God Is Never Absent: Omnipresence


“[T]he angels and demons are also spirits, but they are not omnipresent. This is because God is the infinite Spirit, that is, His ‘spiritness’ is infinite; it’s not bound by physical space because He is not physical and is not bound by physical realities or created dimensions.” - Ref21