The apocalyptic style in 21st century environmentalism

"Religious cultures have often had deep strains of apocalyptic or millenarian sentiment, including the Christian and Jewish traditions, but the extreme forms of environmental apocalyptic today are rooted in the material and and are devoid of any sort of ... eschatological aim such as the renewal of Creation or deriving some meaning out of final things. No, movements like Extinction Rebellion are simply pessimistic and nihilistic." - Acton

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Should atheists “lie” to their children because they need religion to avoid despair?

"I would argue that the secularization that the psychoanalyst and I would together lament is driven by just this sort of cultural means-to-an-end religion. If a generation believes that religion is just a substitute for something else—political power, national identity, social control, or even just shortcut parenting—they will not just abandon it, but resent it too." - Russell Moore

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