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1619 Reconsidered

"The New York Times has quietly backed off of its claim that August, 1619, when the first slaves were brought to Virginia–not July 4, 1776–is America’s "true founding'....Historians savaged the project, showing that these claims are simply untrue.  Liberal historians joined conservative historians in debunking the project.  It turns out, the New York Times ignored the report of its own fact-checker!" - Veith

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What Bari Weiss’ resignation from The New York Times tells us about the state of journalism

"This week should go down in journalism history as a week that finally dispelled illusions concerning Goliath Media and its increasing hostility to journalistic Davids. Whether our predominant loyalty is to conservatism or (much better) to Christ, we need to emphasize growing our own publications and competing organizationally, not just trying to place a few people in hostile territory." - Marvin Olasky

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