Ministry Ethics

The “Billy Graham rule” and Confusion about Boundaries between Men and Women in Churches

"We at Church Answers have received several questions in light of recent issues of moral failure and, most recently, communication with someone of the opposite sex. ...Perhaps we can mostly agree on a few tenets that, taken together, can help guard our hearts, minds, and integrity." - Thom Rainer

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Barna: Young Christians Value Missions, but Question Its Ethics

"The Future of Missions, a brand new Barna report conducted in partnership with International Mission Board, takes a closer look at what’s keeping young Christians from wholeheartedly engaging with global ministry.... One-third of young adult Christians (34%) agrees that 'in the past, missions work has been unethical,' compared to one in four adults 35 and older (23%). Two in five (42%) agree that 'Christian mission is tainted by its association with colonialism' (vs. 29% older adults 35+, 31% teens)." - Barna

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