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Christian Medical and Dental Association urges churches to pause gathering: Don't make church an idol

"'We have to slow the rising tide of COVID-19 cases, or our hospitals will be overrun,' the CMDA said in its 'A Plea to Our Churches' statement, which was authored by Jeffrey Barrows and Dr. Christopher Hook." - CPost

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Christian ICU nurse in NY: “None of my [fellow] nurses who've worked for 20 years, no one's seen anything like this.”

"It's just something I've been taking one day at a time, lots of prayer," Inokon said. "I write out my feelings when I feel like I can, when I can articulate them, and then just giving myself grace to feel however I feel throughout the process." - BPNews

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Neurologist Writes to Praise Unsung Heroes

"I’ve found it useful to reflect on hospital experiences through writing, with particular focus on the quiet individuals working alongside physicians and nurses during this time, including patient transport staff, environmental services staff, and dining services staff. They are unsung heroes, in my opinion, important components of any hospital operation." - BJU Today

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