Martyn Lloyd-jones

Logic on fire: a review of Spiritual Depression by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

"This book is really, really good. It is based on a series of 21 sermons that you can listen to online....the audio quality is not great, but if you are in a quiet place or you have noise-canceling headphones you’ll be able to get a sense of the man behind the book." - Tim Augustyn

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Martin Lloyd-Jones on the Holy Spirit and Common Grace

"Common grace is 'the term applied to those general blessing which God imparts to all men and women indiscriminately as He pleases, not only to His own people, but to all men and women, according to His own will' (24). God sends rain on the just and the unjust. For example, common grace is when sin is restrained in society for the good of all (even unbelievers)." - Servants of Grace

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