Mark Galli

Mark Galli: A Response to the Christianity Today Article

"I’m troubled that I distressed any women, or men for that matter, by anything I said or did.  But the fact of the matter is that I never in 30 years ever approached a women with the intent of sexually harassing, intimidating, or 'hitting' on her. Never. But some women believe I had done that, and for that I’m regretful." - Mark Galli

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Review of Mark Galli's “When Did We Start Forgetting God?”

"Few aspects of church life escape Galli’s censure. Evangelicals’ shallow engagement with the Bible, our self-indulgent reliance on personal anecdotes in preaching, our relative disregard for the sacraments, our proclivity to replace the worship of God in our music with techniques that effectively elicit 'spiritual jollies,' our small groups—Galli’s diagnosis of evangelical churches is comprehensive, and excoriating." - TGC

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Trump Derangement Syndrome, Desperation Thinking, and Facing the Questions

Mostly, the sound and fury over Christianity Today’s editorial advocating President Trump’s removal from office seems to be following the now-familiar pattern: reaction aplenty, reflection—not so much.

It seems that “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” cuts both ways. The left wing version (LW) can’t seem to see the difference between Trump and Hitler. The right wing version (RW) seems to have trouble seeing the difference between Trump and the Messiah. These TDS sufferers perceive everyone around them in these extremes as well, so regardless of what’s actually being said, what they hear is binary. Either you’re echoing our (extreme) view and are one of “Us” or you’re one of “Them,” expressing the extreme opposite.

Trump himself suffers from the right wing version of Trump Derangement Syndrome, as his reaction to Mark Galli’s editorial demonstrated. Galli’s analysis offered both positive and negative observations about President Trump, but both Trump and his hordes of fellow TDS-RW sufferers immediately boiled it down to “Doesn’t sound like Us. Must be Them”—or pretended to. I don’t honestly know which is worse.

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