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Theology Thursday - Where Do Baptists Come From?

In 1867, Pastor R.J.W. Buckland delivered a conference lecture on Baptist history, which was later re-produced in the famous Madison Avenue Lectures (1867). Buckland later became a Professor at Rochester Theological Seminary and died a relatively young man, aged 48, in 1877. One contemporary obituary damned him with rather faint praise when it remarked he was “by no means a brilliant orator,” then hastened to add he was a beloved and admired member of the faculty.

In this short excerpt from his lecture,1 Buckland presents a successionist (or Old Landmark) view of Baptist origins.

Have Baptists then a history?

I answer—if the Faith once delivered to the saints has a perpetuity and a history, so that the gates of hell, however they have seemed to prevail, yet have not prevailed against it—then Baptists, who make that Faith their law, have a history.

If a people holding from age to age these fundamental doctrines—that the Bible is the supreme law of Christians; that personal faith in Christ gives salvation; that baptism in water is the covenant of a believer with his Saviour; while infant baptism, and all other commandments of men, are not to rule Christ’s followers; if such a people are Baptists, then Baptists have a history.

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