Intellectual Growth

Symposium: ‘Scandal of the Evangelical Mind’ 30 Years Later

"With the publication of an anniversary edition, containing a new preface and afterword by Noll, I asked various scholars across institutions to reflect on the book’s significance and ongoing relevance for the church today." - TGC

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“When we only learn from our own kind, we become critical more than curious.”

"The breadth of your learning will influence the depth of your learning. Maybe that’s not new to everyone, but for me, it has created a new category from which to learn. When I seek out leaders in other industries, it helps me in 3 specific ways" - C.Leaders

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The problem of living inside echo chambers

"When a person gets all their news and political arguments from Facebook and all their Facebook friends share their political views, they’re in an epistemic bubble. They hear arguments and evidence only from their side of the political spectrum. ...An echo chamber leads its members to distrust everybody on the outside of that chamber. And that means that an insider’s trust for other insiders can grow unchecked." - The Conversation

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