Identity Politics

Identity Politics on the Right?

"The final, and perhaps most significant, problem with identity politics as currently practiced on the left is that it has stimulated the rise of identity politics on the right . . . . the right has adopted the language and framing of identity from the left: the idea that my particular group is being victimized" - Fukuyama via Veith

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Why Race Relations Don’t Improve

We might have every reason to expect, given the extraordinary attention directed to this issue, that race relations would be improving in America. But instead, they seem to be getting worse. Why are race relations not improving?

Because Some Ignore Genuine Progress

As recently as World War II, the American military was largely segregated. Most units were White with some reserved for Blacks. Black Americans fought heroically for their country, many laying down their lives in defense of the United States. It seems incredible today that those who served with valor could be denied equal treatment with others who fought for the same cause. This is so clearly wrong, that younger Americans may be surprised to learn that such inequality ever existed. It did then, but no longer. Thankfully, such policies are not allowed in today’s America. Genuine progress has occurred.

It’s no secret that not too many decades ago, Blacks were forced to sit at the back of the bus and denied entrance into many restaurants and other places of business, but no longer, because significant progress has been made.

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Veith on our summer of cultural suicide

"A civilization that hates itself and a culture that thinks its own customs, values, and traditions are evil and not worth continuing has committed suicide....What a culture or civilization does not pass down to the next generation is lost. It ceases to exist. That is how a society commits cultural suicide." - Veith

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Ideology is canceling science

"To be sure, science, being a human enterprise, has never been completely free of bias and personal agendas.  But the scientific method attempts to limit such subjectivity as much as possible.  But to, in effect, require positive bias–though in the name of combatting negative bias–strikes at the foundation of the scientific enterprise." - Veith

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The Supreme Court Is Not Debating Your “Humanity”

"... whichever way the Court rules, no one’s humanity hangs in the balance. Memes like the one pictured at top, though couched in terms of concern for young people who are different from their peers, don’t really help if they instill in their subjects needless fear, unhappiness, and the belief that the world is out to get them." - The Bulwark

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