Human Sexuality

Book Review - Growing Up God’s Way for Boys and Girls

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Human sexuality is a good gift from God but from the way many Christians talk about it (if they even talk about it at all) you might think it was a disease spread upon all mankind from Satan himself. Not just one generation back from mine, sex was considered to be a non-discussion topic unless you were telling kids not to have it before marriage. Now my generation is raising its own generation of kids. Truth be told, our kids will hear about sex and sexuality from somewhere. The question is, who will they hear it from the loudest and most cogently? The world will tell them about it and so must Christian parents.

There is a growing body of literature (that needs to keep growing!) for Christian parents seeking to aid them in their discussions (discussions plural because there needs to be more than one of them!) with their children about their sexuality. Recently, Christian pediatricians Chris Richards and Liz Jones have written an amazing pair of new books titled Growing God’s Way for Boys and Growing God’s Way for Girls. Designed for ages 10-14, this book was written to help parents discuss their kids sexuality with them from before puberty to marriage, from a Christian and medical perspective.

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