Human Rights

“Imagine for a moment you’re a pastor or church leader in Hong Kong.”

"You have a mix of members in your church.  Some are expats, or foreign nationals, who work in Hong Kong, but most are Hong Kong natives. In fact, many in your church are first generation Christians. As the protests begin to grow, many people are coming to you for spiritual advice. ...Some ask, is it against God’s will if they join the protesters?" - SBC Voices

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Faith groups urge State Department to abolish new ‘unalienable rights’ commission

“(W)e view with great misgiving a body established by the U.S. government aimed expressly at circumscribing rights through an artificial sorting of those that are ‘unalienable’ and those to be now deemed ‘ad hoc,’” the letter reads. “These terms simply have no place in human rights discourse.” - RNS

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‘Human Dignity’ Rare Before Christianity

"In the modern West, we generally take for granted that human persons have an inherent dignity and worth that forms the basis for human rights.....In fact, however, the idea of human dignity cannot be taken for granted. As theologian David Bentley Hart powerfully argued in a recent article, 'human dignity is a rarity before Christianity" Intellectual Takeout

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