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Brain-computer interfaces advance but the ethics of neurotechnology lags behind the science

"BCIs are currently being tested in people with severe neuromuscular disorders to help them recover everyday functions like communication and mobility.... patients can turn on a light switch by visualizing the action and having a BCI decode their brain signals" - The Conversation

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Why Certain Types of Music Make Our Brains Sing, and Others Don’t

"our prediction of musical events remains inexorably bound to our musical upbringing. To explore this phenomenon, a group of researchers met with the Sámi people, who inhabit the region stretching between the northernmost reaches of Sweden and the Kola Peninsula in Russia." - Neroscience News

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Why Transhumanism Is Fundamentally Wrong

"Transhumanism is far from a household term, but, whether or not they use the word publicly, its adherents are in places of power.... Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, is devoted to boosting 'cognition' and co-founded the company Neuralink toward that end." - Slate

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“Not enough atoms in the universe to model your brain”?

“Famously, there aren’t enough atoms in the universe to build a full model of what every cell is doing [in the brain]. It’s a theoretically intractable problem, you can’t even conceive of a computer large enough because there isn’t enough material in the universe to make it.” - Cranach

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