Historical Theology

No Doctrine of the Trinity Is an Island – A Review of Trinitarian Dogmatics: Exploring the Grammar of the Christian Doctrine of God

"His approach to the Filioque is like that of the many other Trinitarian topics he tackles—ecumenical, fair, and nuanced. He distinguishes between hills to die on and hills to build bridges to, demonstrating why all of these subjects are ripe for critical conversation and reflection." - C.Today

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Podcast Throwback: Thomas Aquinas: Friend or Foe? Michael Allen and Matthew Barrett

"Why are evangelicals so unfamiliar with one of the greatest theologians in the history of the church... Is Thomas a friend or a foe to evangelicals today? Was Thomas first and foremost a philosopher or a theologian? Was Thomas a rationalist as some would suggest?" - Credo

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A response to Owen Strachan's criticisms of classical theism

"Strachan begins his program by describing the figures he takes issue with: contemporary protestants who commend Aquinas as a fruitful pedagogue....But his description of our commendation is quite inaccurate; he sets up a very tall straw man" - Samuel Parkison

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