God's Immutability

Unstable World, Stable God, Part 3: No Need to Grow

"...we’re incomplete, undeveloped, short of our potential. We have things to learn. We can always get better at something.... One reason that God doesn’t change is that he doesn’t need any of what we’ve just described. He doesn’t need to grow; he doesn’t need to mature; he doesn’t need to get better at anything." - Olinger

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Unstable World, Stable God, Part 1: It’s True

"A lot of people are bewildered, scared, frustrated about all this change... The Scripture doesn’t ignore this problem, and it doesn’t try to 'pep talk' us out of our distress with platitudes. But it does offer two truths that can stabilize us despite the instability of our world." - Olinger

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Resting in a Timeless, Unchanging God

"None of us like having the very ground shift under our feet. Our day-to-day life, perhaps a way of life that we have had for years, has in a matter of months been completely turned upside down. How do we, as God’s people, react to such uncertainty? In the midst of fear and frustration, how can we exhibit to the world people who are fundamentally different?" - James Williams

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