Free Will Baptists

Theology Thursday on Friday: Free Will Baptists

The Free Will Baptist literature explains their American heritage comes from two distinct movements in the early to mid-18th century which eventually coalesced into the modern-day National Association of Free Will Baptists in 1935. Here, we present some excerpts from their statement of faith:1

Chapter 3 – Divine Governance and Providence

  1. God exercises a providential care and superintendence over all His creatures,2 and governs the world in wisdom and mercy, according to the testimony of His Word.3
  2. God has endowed man with power of free choice, and governs him by moral laws and motives; and this power of free choice is the exact measure of man’s responsibility.4
  3. All events are present with God from everlasting to everlasting; but His knowledge of them does not in any sense cause them, nor does He decree all events which He knows will occur.5

Chapter 8 – The Gospel Call

The call of the Gospel is co-extensive with the atonement to all men,6 both by the word and strivings of the Spirit,7 so that salvation is rendered equally possible to all;8 and if any fail of eternal life, the fault is wholly his own.9

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