In Praise of the Boring, Uncool Church

"...things that are cool are ephemeral. What’s fashionable is, by the necessity of the rules of fashion, quickly obsolete. This is one of many reasons why chasing cool is a fool’s errand for churches and pastors, as I argue in my book Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide." - TGC 

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Are our pulpits full of preachers who want to quit but haven't yet?

"Even if we haven’t seen a dramatic increase in pastoral attrition, many people believe it’s still coming.... If the bubble does burst later this year or next, all eyes are on three demographics: pastors early in their careers, those nearing retirement, and bivocational ministers." - C.Today

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Research: Habits of Pastors Who Endure in Ministry; How You can Help

"The following 12 practices were identified by comparing current pastors with former pastors who had left the pastorate before retirement age. We analyzed which questions most strongly predict whether a pastor continues to serve as a senior pastor." - Lifeway

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Proclaiming the Truth in Sodom

Jay Lickey

Of all my days of being in and around churches, I have heard some church names that caught my attention. The Halfway Baptist church always made me chuckle when I drove past it in college. I have heard of a few Corinthian Baptist churches which made me wonder what kind of problems they were dealing with. I have even heard of a Laodicea Baptist church. But in all my days I have never heard of a Sodom church. No one is surprised by this. But it does get you thinking, doesn’t it? What would a church do in a modern-day Sodom?

I think we are soon going to find out firsthand. The sexual sins of Sodom are now not only celebrated in pride parades but those who practice such things are given a month of special recognition, and in Canada, a whole season. Gender fluidity and same-sex couples are routinely shown in commercial marketing and made to look as normal as apple pie and baseball.

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The World Can Hurt You. When It Does, Love Anyway.

"If today’s followers of Christ fall on hard times, if we lose favor and become a persecuted or marginalized minority, it might actually mark the beginning of our truest impact. ... it is not from a place of worldly or political power and privilege that God’s people have through the centuries found their firmest footing." - Scott Sauls

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