Faith Based Charities

Evangelicals downplay religious expression when working with secular groups

"For example, we found that when the 26,000 evangelicals from 500 churches volunteered with Portland’s Serving the City initiative, they adopted a self-imposed 'no-proselytizin'” policy as they helped with cleaning up parks, refurbishing schools and conducting clothing drives." - The Conversation

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The Disgraceful Campaign against the Salvation Army

"If you think that volunteering for an organization that is raising funds to provide food and housing, among many other services, for the needy is an inherently praiseworthy act, you haven’t been following the woke left-wing activists cutting a swath through American culture." - National Review

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Department of Justice Issues Final Rule Extending Religious Liberty Protections to Beneficiaries of Federally-Funded Programs

"...under the new regulations, a religious organization that is awarded a grant to carry out a social service must notify any beneficiary, in writing, that he or she may not be discriminated against based on religion and may request an alternative provider if he or she objects to the religious character of the organization. In addition...

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