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Pastors: Don’t get Power Scammed!

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Pastors: have you been invited to speak at a conference in Great Britain? Don’t fall for it. Unless your name is Steve Lawson, it’s a scam. This conference con is not only common in the United States, but I have heard of pastors in South Africa, Rwanda, and Ghana all getting snagged by it.

How in the world does someone scam pastors by inviting them to preach at a conference in the UK? Where is the money in that? Well, I found out, and here is how:

In 2017 my church’s general email account received this:

Dear Pastor Johnson,

I am Pastor Andrew Hobbs of Grace Church Blackwood, United Kingdom. We are writing to invite you to be our guest speaker at our upcoming conference tagged “POWER CONFERENCE 2017” coming up from 1st through 3rd of May 2017.

The purpose of this conference is to trigger the pursuit of deep Christianity among youth, young adult, old and partial Christians.

VENUE: Conference Hall (Inside Church Premises) Cefn Road, Blackwood, Gwent. NP14 3PR Date : May 1st to May 3rd 2017 Scheduled Topic: Pursuit of Deep Christianity

Theme: Reach Out and Touch Someone

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2 Email Scams Your Church Should Guard Against

"The first scam directs emails at church staff. In it, 'the pastor' requests the recipient to send funds or gift cards with PINs....The second scam is worse because it targets congregants. Seeming to be from “the pastor” or a trusted church leader, congregants are asked to wire funds or send gift cards with PINs." - Church Leaders

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