Theology Thursday – To Diognetus on Christian Citizenship

Nobody knows who Diognetus was, but he was apparently a Hellenist who was interested in learning about the Christian faith. The unknown author (some believe it could be Polycarp) wrote this letter to explain a bit more about the Christian faith, likely sometime during the late 2nd century.

Since I perceive, most excellent Diognetus, that you are very eager to learn the religion of the Christians and are making altogether clear and careful inquiries concerning them, both what God they trust and how they worship him, so that they all both disregard the world and despise death, and they consider neither those supposed by the Greeks to be gods nor do they observe the superstition of the Jews and what is the deep affection they have for one another, and why then this new race or way of living has come to life now and not before; indeed I welcome this eagerness of yours, and from God, who enables us both to speak and to hear, I ask him to grant me to speak so that above all by your hearing you may become better and for you to hear thus, so that I may not regret what was said.1

The author continued:2

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