Definite Atonement

Theology Thursday - Atonement and the Holy Spirit

In this excerpt from his systematic theology text, Lewis Chafer explains that the cross is not the only saving instrument God employs to redeem His people. He argues against limited redemption partially on this basis:1

It is one of the points most depended upon by the limited redemptionists to claim that redemption, if wrought at all, necessitates the salvation of those thus favored. According to this view, if the redemption price is paid by Christ it must be exagoradzo or apolutrosis, rather than agoradzo, in every instance.

It is confidently held by all Calvinists that the elect will, in God’s time and way, every one, be saved, and that the unregenerate believe only as they are enabled by the Spirit of God; but the question here is whether the sacrifice of Christ is the only divine instrumentality whereby God actually saves the elect, or whether that sacrifice is a divine work, finished, indeed, with regard to its scope and purpose, which renders all men savable, but one applied in sovereign grace by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit only when the individual believes.

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