DBTS has launched a new podcast, Theologically Driven

"In this podcast we will be discussing issues of theology, biblical studies, preaching, church life, biblical counseling, and other areas in order to help church leaders and students of God’s Word continue to grow in their understanding and application of God’s truth." - DBTS

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Pursuing ACBC Certification at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

"Once you have completed the exams and observation, you would be ready to begin the third and final phase for certification. This phase consists of 50 sessions of counseling under the supervision of an ACBC fellow. You could complete this phase at DBTS by taking Biblical Counseling Practicum I and II in the spring and fall of 2022, respectively." - DBTS

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Churches Should Adopt a Modern Version of the Bible

In my previous post, I asked if churches should abandon the King James Version for a modern English translation. I answered, “Yes,” and suggested there were two main reasons…But the truth is that after 400 years it suffers a number of shortcomings when compared to modern versions. I will mention two.

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