Conspiracy Theorists

The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About QAnon

"The issue with conspiracy theories is not with the possibility that they could be true, but with the lack of supporting data. As with many other conspiracy theories, QAnon takes a plausible scenario—such as sex trafficking by the wealthy elite—and distorts it until it becomes inconceivable....Christians should care about QAnon because it’s a satanic movement infiltrating our churches." - TGC

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“No longer on the periphery, conspiracy theories have been weaponized in what is already an intensely politicized and polarized American culture.”

"Unfortunately, conspiracy theories play upon our fear by supplying a more powerful emotion: rage. Fear can so quickly morph into anger because it provides an object: they are to blame, they caused this, they deserve retribution. There will always be a willing audience for people to scapegoat." - CToday

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Parents, don't cave to the online anti-vaccine mob

"Your choice not to vaccinate your child against measles, chickenpox, or any other vaccine-preventable illness could lead to hospitalization or even death for a baby too young for inoculations or someone whose immune system is too compromised to be vaccinated themselves." - W. Examiner

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Are Conspiracy Theories Really on the Rise?

"A 'conspiracy theory' is a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot, usually by powerful conspirators.... These conspiracy theories are not simply restricted to a fringe population. At least 50% of Americans believe in at least one conspiracy theory, ranging from the idea that the 9/11 attacks were fake to the belief that former President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S." - Intellectual Takeout

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Why a Conspiracy-Theory Mindset is Anti-Christian

Conspiracy theorists harass Sutherland Springs churchgoers, pastor whose daughter was killed

"The conspiracy theorists, Jodi Mann and Robert Ussery, say they believe the mass shooting never happened and instead that it was staged by the Department of Homeland Security" Washington Post

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