Be a Faithful Citizen, Not a Lone Ranger

"In Western culture, the high regard for autonomy and obsession with individualism has come at a cost: community. This lack of community (coupled with other factors) has contributed to rising loneliness, affecting our physical and mental well-being. In the church, it’s affecting our spiritual health too." - TGC

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Pew: 79% of U.S. adults say “houses of worship should be required to follow the same rules about social distancing and large gatherings as other organizations or businesses in their local area.”

"Among U.S. Christians, about three-quarters say churches should be subject to the same rules as other businesses. Evangelical Protestants express the most support for giving houses of worship more flexibility, but even in this group, a 62% majority says houses of worship should be held to the same standards as other businesses and organizations" - Pew

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Our California church met in person. Legally.

"It is legal to meet for worship in California. But, to do so, churches must follow the regulations put in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which involves meeting outside with masks and with distancing. How a church does that is up to them, but it is possible, as we have discovered." - RNS

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How to Avoid Bad Press as Your Church Reopens

"...churches should also be thinking seriously about their communications and public relations strategy as they consider reopening. As a longtime member of a large and thriving church and two decades as a public relations strategist, I have seen a lot of good, but also some mistakes when it comes to church communications." - Church Leaders

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