Clergy Sexual Abuse

Justice for SBC sexual abuse victims: A call for an investigatory commission

"This is why secular authorities must intervene. The Southern Baptist Convention has repeatedly demonstrated it will not take meaningful action to expose clergy predators, to rectify harm to survivors or even to assess the scope of the problem." - RNS

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“ our desire to protect our institution (to protect the name of Christ) we take the path of the scoffer”

On Prov. 15:12 "It would do us well, as institutions and individuals, to consider what areas of our lives and our systems that we’re not willing to run towards the microscope. If we’ll listen to our anger it can help us. Often it is those truth-tellers which stir us up to anger that will give us the key to understanding our blind spots." - SBC Voices

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Vatican’s McCarrick report: Three popes looked the other way on sexual abuse claims

"A long-awaited Vatican report detailing the Catholic Church’s institutional knowledge of sexual abuse allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, and the church’s response, was released on Tuesday (Nov. 10)." -  RNS

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There’s a new, independent database for Baptist clergy abusers and alleged abusers

"There is no mechanism for SBC action against any individual minister, since the SBC doesn’t ordain clergy. Individual churches make up the SBC, not individual ministers. The name of the new, independent database is 'Baptist Accountability.'" - SBC Voices

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One year after Vatican abuse summit, survivors grade Pope Francis with 'D minus'

"One year after Pope Francis called for a summit of Catholic bishops at the Vatican, abuse survivors flocked to the Eternal City on Thursday (Feb. 20) to report a lack of progress and accountability in the fight against clergy sex abuse." - RNS

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