Clergy Housing Allowance

Your housing allowance is safe for the forseeable future

"The group that brought the federal lawsuit against the cash version of the clergy housing allowance has decided not to appeal the unanimous Federal Appeals Court ruling that upheld the thing. They have a clever title to this news: Appeals Court Blesses Housing Allowance." - SBC Voices

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Seventh Circuit rules Clergy Housing Allowance is constitutional, despite challenge by Freedom from Religion Foundation.

"For the second time, a popular tax break for pastors has been judged permissible under the US Constitution, despite efforts by an atheist legal group to prove otherwise." - Christianity Today

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Help Defend the Ministerial Housing Allowance

Clergy Housing Allowance Ruled Unconstitutional in US District Court - What You Need to Know

"[T]he clergy housing allowance was, once again, ruled to be unconstitutional by Judge Barbara Crabb of the United States District Court For the Western District of Wisconsin... This case will almost certainly be appealed." Brokepastor

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