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Christianity Today Names Russell Moore Editor in Chief

"Moore has demonstrated, time and again, the courage to express his convictions and the integrity to live by them. Sometimes this has meant contending for essential biblical and theological truths in the public square. Sometimes it has meant declaring truths to the church that challenge and convict us." - CToday

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Mark Galli: A Response to the Christianity Today Article

"I’m troubled that I distressed any women, or men for that matter, by anything I said or did.  But the fact of the matter is that I never in 30 years ever approached a women with the intent of sexually harassing, intimidating, or 'hitting' on her. Never. But some women believe I had done that, and for that I’m regretful." - Mark Galli

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Christianity Today on polyamory: “the authors Preston Sprinkle and Branson Parler are clear that polyamory is a sin”

"The article does not take aim at the center, as the authors Preston Sprinkle and Branson Parler are clear that polyamory is a sin. But it is an article that takes aim at the edges and widens the Overton Window so that certain aspects of polyamory are now to be considered within the pale." - CBMW

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“Extreme Middle” – Christianity Today's new editor on the magazine's political posture

"Politics and theology both exist on broad continuums. By virtue of Mark Galli’s editorial and CT president Tim Dalrymple’s follow-up, we’ve situated ourselves on these continuums in a kind of extreme middle—in censorial critique of the president and yet open to conversation as well as critique." - Daniel Harrell

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