Christian Love

Loving Our Neighbors and Walking with Them through Their Valleys

" do not have to evangelize people when you’re helping them. But you also should always be looking for opportunities. But nevertheless, you shouldn’t do it in a wooden way. You shouldn’t do it in a way that looks coercive. You should never do it in that way." - Tim Keller

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Vaccines, Vocation, and Competitive Agency

"So even at least some of the 54% of evangelicals who do intend to get the shot are doing it primarily for themselves, not to stop the spread of the virus to others.  As for the 45% who won’t, many of them are looking primarily at the impact on their own health and well-being, rather than that of their neighbors." - Veith

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“The biblical lifestyle is one of serving, caring for those we find repulsive or those who mash all our buttons. It’s not about winning.”

"You’re not living out love because your life will be better if you do. You’re living out love because life will be better for everybody else if you do. Does this principle have implications for how we live during an election season? during a pandemic? during a period of racial strife? You bet it does. - Dan Olinger

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