Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter calls for Palestinian liberation, stands in ‘solidarity’ amid Hamas attacks

"Black Lives Matter expressed its 'solidarity' for Palestinians, advocating for 'ending settler colonialism' and Palestinian liberation in a tweet that implicitly undercut Israel after days of attacks in the region." - C.Post

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Poll: “Americans' trust in the Black Lives Matter movement has fallen and their faith in local law enforcement has risen”

"Last June, 60% in a USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll described Floyd's death as murder; that percentage has now dropped by double digits to 36%." - USA Today

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Wheaton College, Controversial Speakers, and Some Factivism

"Bomberger continued his writing after the first round, publishing another article last week, this time bringing up one of the 100 guest speakers that Wheaton College hosts each year. ...when he did not get the response he wanted, he decided to bring up a new issue—again with misleading information. - CToday

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Abortion, Black Lives Matter, and Wheaton

"Last month, black pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger spoke on the Wheaton campus about abortion and race. . . . If disagreement is unsafe, then Wheaton is unsafe. If you don’t like people challenging your ideas when you are intentionally provocative, this is not the place to come and speak." - Ed Stetzer

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