Authoritarian Pastors

The Frustrating Paradox of Serving with an Amiable Autocrat

"Nice dictators exist, at least in the leadership sense. I refer to these types of leaders in the church as amiable autocrats. Friendly church dictators rule from their positional authority. They order everyone around because their title enables them to do so, and they do it with a smile." - Sam Rainer

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First Among Equals: Why the Pastors Need a Leader

"The necessity of a first among coequals in human economies is resonant with (though not equivalent to) the way the Son submits to his Father in the incarnation (Philippians 2:5–11), as well as in the order God ordains in the home (Ephesians 5:21–33). Leadership is not a consequence of the fall, but represents God’s good design for human flourishing in a well-ordered world." - Desiring God

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“Do being confronted, offended, or simply hearing something you don’t like count as forms of abuse?”

Podcast: "How has the therapeutic culture we live in changed the conversation, even the language employed? Who are more likely to be abused--ministers or congregants? Our hosts weigh in with insight based on personal experience, and offer advice about tools that could help curb abuse in the church." - Ref21

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“...being firm, or even being visionary, can cross over into being a bully”

"A man may be a good preacher, and may be good in a variety of pastoral situations, but the key issue here is 'How does he handle disagreement with his vision or viewpoint, or how does he handle people when they aren’t where he would like them to be?'" - C.Leaders

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