62% of white Evangelicals have had at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine: poll

"A new survey reveals that while a supermajority of white evangelical Protestants have taken at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the group has the lowest vaccination rate among all demographic subgroups questioned." - C.Post

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Countering Vaccine Resistance with Respect

"To counteract vaccine hesitancy, we must strike a delicate balance. As a hospital physician, I see firsthand the vastly increased risk of severe COVID illness, ICU admission, and death among the unvaccinated. ...Yet we must resist the temptation to heap scorn on those who, for whatever reason, opt not to be vaccinated." - Law & Liberty

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A factcheck on anti-vaccine religious celebrities

"One might debate whether it is morally permissible to benefit from evil deeds, such as an abortion in 1973 in which one had no role or input, but before getting to that topic in moral theology, we should all get the basic facts right..." - CPost

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Overby Center program: Why religion was one big factor in vaccine wars

"In addition to Center founder Charles Overby, I was joined by three logical voices on this subject.First, political scientist (and GetReligion contributor) Ryan Burge .... Marquita Smith of the University of Mississippi faculty... Daniel Darling" - GetReligion

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What is the Nation of Islam and why is Marjorie Taylor Greene praising it?

"While assuring her followers that she is a Christian and is opposed to radical Islam, Greene went on to praise NOI’s current leader, Louis Farrakhan, for calling vaccine mandates a 'declaration of war,' and urged all groups that support religious liberty, “across the aisle,” to come together to resist them." - RNS

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