Why I believe the Apostle Paul would choose to wear a mask

"It would be difficult to argue that Paul was a patsy. He was nobody’s fool... Paul was thoughtfully and carefully engaged in culture and seemed to know exactly how to handle himself regardless of the circumstances. In his own words: 'I have become all things to all people, so that I may by all means save some.

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Why conservative critics are wrong to oppose local face mask mandates

"While the federal government does not have the constitutional authority to issue a nationwide mask mandate, state and local governments do have a broad 'police power' that legally allows them to pass such regulations to protect public health and safety. The political question remains whether this is the best policy. Libertarian and conservative critics who say no and cite 'freedom' miss the mark." - W. Examiner

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“the current debate over masks is ... currently the most obvious reflection of our idolization of liberty.”

"Community post-Enlightenment serves me now, not the other way around. The all important 'I.' In a word, our much beloved individualism. Some of you probably have calendars, t-shirts, and coffee mugs touting individualism’s tenets that tell you that you have the right to be happy, achieve your dreams, define yourself however you want, and live your best life now, among other distillations of secularism’s priority of the individual." - John Ellis

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