Social Media Fosters Distrust in Institutions. But We Can’t Live Without Them.

" media enables the same voices that (rightly) celebrate the downfall of corrupt institutions to wield significantly more power with even less accountability than their institutional predecessors." - TGC

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PRRI Study: About One in Five Americans Agree With the Core Tenets of QAnon

“While these believers are racially, religiously, and politically diverse, the unifying beliefs are that their way of life is under attack and that they might be willing to resort to violence to defend their vision of the country.” - RNS

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“Another highly problematic moral principle is that we should refuse to do something merely because the government orders us to do it.”

"The Biblical world-view is not that of the rebel. Jesus says to carry the pack two miles when compelled to carry it one mile. This is a reference to the Roman law that required occupied peoples to carry packs for a mile for Roman soldiers." - CPost

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