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State of the Bible: Printed Bibles Remain More Popular than Apps

American Bible Society's latest State of the Bible Survey: "69 percent of Bible users read from the printed Bible within the month preceding the query, and 48 percent used a Bible app on a phone, tablet or computer, ABS said, with the categories overlapping." - BPNews

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American Bible Society Annual Study: Most who identify as committed Christians are not "practicing Christians"

"Among Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X Christians whose personal commitment to Christ is still important in their life today, fewer than a third are described as practicing Christians, a descriptor that includes at least monthly church attendance." - BPNews

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State of the Bible: 40 percent of Gen Z believe Jesus sinned (millennials, gen x, and boomers only slightly better)

"The perception among Gen Z, polling at 38 percent, was comparable to other age groups, including Generation X, 37 percent; and millennials and boomers, 35 percent.... The numbers based on age groups do not address whether those polled identify as Christian or non-Christian." - BPNews

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American Bible Society Annual Study: “In 2022 the trend toward Bible exploration came to an abrupt end.”

"In every study since 2018, Bible Users have accounted for between 47 and 49 percent of American adults; however, the 2022 data showed a 10-percent decrease" - ABS

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Bible-engaged Americans more hopeful, despite suffering trauma and heartache: report

"The third chapter of American Bible Society’s State of the Bible report released this week reveals that those who read Scripture have more hope than those who are less engaged, and shows how the Bible brings healing to people who are suffering." - ABS

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55 percent of Americans believe in biblical inerrancy, study finds

"More than half of Americans believe the Bible is 'without error,' the American Bible Society (ABS) said Tuesday (May 11) in its 2021 State of the Bible report. Biblical inerrancy is professed by 55 percent of Americans, with even a greater portion of those surveyed, 71 percent, confessing that Scripture is the Word of God." - BPNews

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Millions more Americans turned to Scripture during pandemic, study suggests

"Over an estimated 10 million more Americans turned to the Bible in the past year than in years past, as one in four adults reported reading the Bible more frequently during the pandemic compared to last year, the American Bible Society’s 2021 State of the Bible report suggests." - C.Post

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