Christian groups, including Answers in Genesis, ask Supreme Court to stop Biden employer vaccine mandate

"The First Liberty Institute, a legal nonprofit specializing in religious liberty cases, filed an emergency application for stay with the nation’s high court over the weekend on behalf of multiple faith-based organizations, arguing that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration vaccine mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act." - CPost

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Thoughts from My Visit to AiG’s Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

Those who have visited Answers in Genesis’ Ark Encounter or Creation Museum will have their own perspective on the experience and its value. I’ve just returned from my own first-time visit to both and have some observations and thoughts for those who haven’t yet made the pilgrimage.

Is it just a big entertainment business making a few people rich?

Revenue is an inherently tempting thing. Just getting a paycheck every couple of weeks brings hazards as well as blessings. One of the hazards is that as revenue increases, my life and work might become increasingly about revenue.

We’d be fools to think that Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis are invulnerable to that temptation. There are also signs that could be viewed as evidence that AiG is on that road.

The growth above is in addition to AiG’s already-expansive ventures into Sunday School, VBS, and homeschool curriculum.

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AiG on Scientific method... and against flat earthers

"I emphasize that astronomy, being an observational science, rather than an experimental science, is still science. People must understand that the scientific method that they learned growing up was highly idealized, and it was presented in a manner that is tailor-made for experimental science, such as biology. But this description of the scientific method is much too restrictive." - AiG

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Can believers develop an “us and us” versus a “them and us” process for addressing race relations?

"Church doctrinal statements, mission and value statements, communication platforms, new members curriculum, and church discipline processes should clearly communicate sound doctrine, which includes addressing racial reconciliation." - AiG

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What Is the Most Compelling Scientific Evidence of a Young Earth?

"In the several years since we initially received this question, young-earth creationists have produced many new materials....We have updated the answer with newer resources that will be of interest to those, like Tony, with questions about apologetics, intelligent design, and good resources to share with skeptics." - AiG

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American Atheists Jump on FFRF’s Anti-Christian Bandwagon

"Earlier this week, the FFRF threatened public schools in an effort to bully them not to send public school classes to visit our two Christian facilities. Following suit, the American Atheists, another anti-Christian activist organization, has sent threatening letters to two parks and recreation departments 'demanding that they cease promoting upcoming trips to Answers in Genesis’ Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.'” - AiG

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