Site Leadership Doctrinal Distinctives

In addition to the fundamentals articulated in the site Doctrinal Statement, the Sharper Iron moderators, admins and most other volunteers hold to these doctrinal distinctives. The list is neither complete nor permanent but will be updated from time to time to clarify the doctrinal views of the site leadership in areas of special importance.

  1. We believe that the world and all in it was created in six literal days of normal length. No millions-of-years-long process of natural evolution was involved.
  2. We believe that all sinned in Adam and are, as a result, born in a state of total depravity. Apart from the grace of God, sinners do not possess any ability to turn to Christ in faith.
  3. We believe that NT water baptism symbolizes a believer’s relationship to Christ and the church and that the baptism of infants is not a biblical practice.
  4. We believe that translations of the Bible partake in the quality of divine inspiration to the degree that they are faithful to what God originally inspired. No translations have been specifically inspired.
  5. We believe Scripture forbids granting Christian recognition to those who deny the gospel or to organizations they control. Partnering with these individuals or groups in evangelistic efforts does not advance the gospel.
  6. We believe that the gift of tongues consisted of speaking in normal languages. Ecstatic speech and utterances spoken privately in prayer are not manifestations of the New Testament gift.
  7. We believe that those who die without Christ experience the wrath of God in the form of eternal, conscious suffering. The lost are not annihilated.