Glossary of Online Acronyms

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(Glossary Of Online Acronyms)

dh= dear husband
dw= dear wife
dd= dear daughter
ds= dear son
mil= mother-in-law
fil= father-in-law
yo= years old
yob= years old boy (ie my 11 yob)
yog= years old girl (ie my 6 yog)
OP= opening post or opening poster

KWIM= know what I mean
BTW= by the way
IOW= in other words
IRL= in real life (as opposed to on the Internet!)
FWIW= for what it’s worth
IMO= in my opinion
IMHO= in my humble opinion
LOL= laugh(ing) out loud
ROFL= rolling on the floor laughing
ETA= edited to add
TMI= too much information
OTOH= on the other hand
IFB= independent, fundamental Baptist

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