What Is Most Profitable?

These are days of disagreement, division, and decline. What are some things that we can do that would be most profitable in serving God's Kingdom and sharpening one another's iron for the glory of God?

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A commitment to sound exegesis and recognition of fellow believers, particularly Pastors and teachers who produce exhaustive instruction all the way down to simple comments that are based in excellent exegesis. Such a standard strongly reduces the acceptance and entertainment of bad theological arguments and postures. But when exegesis is devalued our treatment of God's text is more apt to be given over to personal philosophies, egos and so on that elevate personalities and invite divisions and arguments that stem not from efforts toward excellence but the movement toward self. When sound exegesis becomes a primary concern we can appreciate what is true and what is right when we see it much more readily rather than it being soiled by sectarian bias, which is somewhat expected and reasonable here and there, but at times overwhelmingly is the greater master to our own peril.