Time for Some Bird Humor!

As I was looking at our bird feeder and the birds in the distance, I noticed many denominations.

There are the Roman Catholic birds, but not just any Catholics. I saw three Cardinals.

In the distance I saw the Lutheran birds, Robins, who were eating a diet of worms.

The other day, at the park, I saw some Baptist birds, ducks. They occasionally immerse.  Some were actually Brethren, because they immersed three times forward.

Then at the farm I saw some mainline protestant birds; they were scurried around the barnyard, looking at one another, but have no real upward interest.

Worst of all, I saw the hawks -- members of your neighborhood cults who prey upon the weaklings.

If you would like to share this, you have my permission.  You are free as a bird to do so.  If you'd like to add to the list, please do!

PS-- I am a fancy-feathered duck (non-denominational) an incognito immersionist, but go down only once!





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