Some Conservative Evangelicals Seem Closer to Fundamentalism Than You Might Think...

3. Gay marriage supporters have become the new fundamentalists. They require not merely tolerance of gay marriage, but total approval and endorsement.

This kind of rhetoric reminds me of some of the comparisons I heard from fundamentalists when they made uncharitable comments about evangelicals. Irony.

Or maybe my comparison in the sentence above is now uncharitable too? Well, the blog author is comparing rebellious, sinning promoters-of-sexual perversion with Christians. However wrongheaded many fundamentalists may be on some issues, his comparison seems rather unloving.

He clearly is not referencing what we might deem "hyperfundamentalists"--but those who practice "secondary separation."

Does this work in the ABC continuum? Are those Conservative Evangelicals just dying to sing Kumbayaa with Fundamentalists?

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josh p's picture

I have in the past found that blog to have some helpful things in it but that one was pretty silly. Discrediting an argument because of its similarity to fundamentalism is pretty bad form.