Saving copies of topics and responses?

Never mind, found the answer to my own question! Feel free to delete this!

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I'm not sure what you're asking for, but why don't you share with the rest in case someone else is asking the same thing?

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if there was a way to capture entire threads and save or print them off. I found the solution at the bottom of the original post, where there is a printer icon. I hadn't seen it before and I wasn't sure if it printed only the OP, or if it printed all the responses, and found that, yes, it does print all the responses. Smile I'm particularly interested in the forgiveness thread, it's a topic that we've discussed multiple times in my family (with regards to a certain family member) and on another board on which I frequently post. I want to print it out and chew it over some more, and wanted to know if I had the ability to do so.