Preaching...Lack of Agreement...Application...

Let's say you're listening to your pastor preaching in your church. (You might be a pastor and instead of listening, you preach each week. In that case answer as you would want your members to respond.)

Your church believes in expository preaching. Your pastor reads a passage and explains the sense of the passage. Then he gives some application of how that sense plays out in our lives today.

But when he explained the sense of the passage, there was a problem. The sense he sees in the passage is not the sense you see in the passage. He explains how he came to his conclusion. But you don't agree with his reasoning, or perhaps he is misunderstanding what a First Class Conditional phrase means, or something. 

Obviously, when he gets to the application, he's applying principles that you don't agree with. So as far as you see it, at least some of his applications don't have Biblical basis. And yet, you are a good church member who wants to obey his elders, and submit to the preached Word of God. What do you do?

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